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I am using Node classification pipelines - Neo4j Graph Data Science as a template and have completed the steps When I CALL gds.beta.model.list() I see the training model but not the classification model. This does exist because when I re-run I get Fa...
Hi, We are evaluating fabric but before testing I wanted to find out if there are any limitations on cypher queries (including GDS) I understand this is possible: Query db#1 and use output as input for a query to db#2 And also this; Query db#1 and co...
Hi, If I set param in Neo4j desktop for an array, e.g :param pmrs=>["a", "b", "c"] I can access each in cypher by indexing $pmrs[0], $pmrs[1], $pmrs[2] But if I set params as an array of arrays, e.g [["a", "b", "c"], ["x", "y", "z"]] I can access th...
We maintain a connected graph of all UK companies x directors (100m+ relationships). Our new research establishes 3m director records (some 20% of the total) are not correctly linked. And we show how we solved that problem using Neo4j queries. ...
Hi, We maintain a dataset of all UK companies and company officers and need someone to help with an entity resolution model. We have completed a good amount of scoping and research and propose an approach that will likely fit our needs: 1 searching o...