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since ‎08-27-2018

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Before there used to be an option to export all the solutions that I provided. Now I do not see that option. Please let me know how I can export all my solutions. Thanks
I see a minor problem with example given in the Developer Guide under app.coll.sortnodes, especially with ascending and descending order. The query given in the Guide produces the result in descending order in both the examples given. Please make t...
MATCH (a:Name) where a. here we used to see a list properties of node 'a'. This works fine with first run. After returning the result, now the Cypher script appears above the graph. Something in the new version called 'Frame'. Now if you go back to m...
How can I adjust the interval? Want to know the effect of running this in a multi user environment. CALL db.clearQueryCaches() Thanks for any insights.
I just downloaded desktop version for Mac and installed. The bin folder looks like it's corrupted. Here is the screenshot. Nep4j folder shows: #!/usr/bin/env bash # Copyright (c) 2002-2020 "Neo4j," # Neo4j Sweden AB [] # This file ...