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I encountered a very strange behaviour with this cypher. It's part of a larger cypher but as of the WITH part it should be enough to look at this last part: WITH sub1, sub2 MATCH (w1:Word {premium:true, searchterm:sub1}) WITH sub1, sub2, w1 MATCH (w2...
My Neo4j Desktop (1.4.1) on Windows 10 is not properly usable. It gets really slow so key our mouse inputs takes 5-10 seconds to be executed. It consumes 2GB of memory and 30% of CPU although I'm not doing anything but have 6 result frames open with ...
Using Neo4j Desktop 1.4.1 (although bug existed since beginning) re-editing a large cypher shows only part of large cyphers when entering full screen mode. When clicking in empty space below this parial display, the full cypher appears. Steps to repr...
Using Neo4j Desktop 1.4.1, when editing cyphers in full screen mode, the full screen doesn't collapse anymore when executing the cypher as it did in earlier versions. Editor will just be cleared so you seen blank screen and have to toggle full screen...
In Neo4j Desktop 1.3.10, browser full screen mode with ESC toggles view as usual, but the cypher edit control keeps same small size as in non full screen mode. I need the full screen (=full window) editor to work with huge cyphers. Best Reiner