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I am trying to use `describe table`  with `apoc.load.jdbc`  to pull information about SQL tables in a Neo4j query. Has anyone been able to do anything like this?Example Query   CALL apoc.load.jdbc(<SQL connection string>, " describe table ") YIELD ...
I have been trying to filter our some values using _not for a Neo4j Spatial point: { location_not: { latitude: 0.0, longitude: 0.0 } } but this doesn't seem to be working correctly. However, if I try { location: { latitude: 0.0, longitude: 0.0 } } ...
I am trying to create a temporary SQL table and then query from that temp table. This is due to project restrictions that I am currently facing. We are trying a temp table and then querying the temp table due to performance bottle-necking on the SQL ...
I have been working on a Neo4j 4.1.1 database. I created a new database called bridges and set as default. Everything has been working fine until today. While the databased was offline I did make a copy of the data folder that contains this database ...
Hi eveyone, I just posted my first blog in a series Exploring the U.S. National Bridge Inventory with Neo4j over on Medium. This first one is just a very brief intro to the why I wanted to do this. Each successive post will be about the next step in ...