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Neo4j 4.1 is here, and with it, correlated subqueries, completing what we started in 4.0! With correlated subqueries, we can call a subquery and pass it variables from the outer query. Subqueries are also executed per row, and this gives us some capa...
Hi there, I'm Andrew, a node at Neo4j in the SF bay area since mid 2017. While I'm usually helping Enterprise customers with the Customer Success Team, I'm also fairly active in the community (here, Slack, Stack Overflow). You might see me around tho...
It can be frustrating when it seems like a WHERE clause isn't working. You can use these approaches to figure out what's wrong. Check for WHERE clauses following OPTIONAL MATCH WHERE clauses can't be used on their own, they are always paired with a M...
APOC Procedures offers meta procedures to view information about your database schema and the data it stores. The procedure apoc.meta.schema() uses a sampling of the graph data to produce a map of metadata on the graph labels, relationships, properti...
Some use cases require updating node (or relationship) properties, but returning the node (or relationship) as it was prior to the update. You'll need to get a 'snapshot' of the node before the update, and return that snapshot instead of the node its...