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since ‎08-17-2018

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Hello I have setup two separate Neo4j servers, both of version 4.4.0. I am using neo4j-admin dump from one to create an archive to then use neo4j-admin load on the other to transfer specific databases between them. The tool fails with "Not a valid ne...
Hello I am trying to understand if the use of a node label as a "tag" has any better performance in querying than using an indexed attribute. Consider for example a typical blogging platform where some Article node might have to be "tagged" as Draft,...
Is it possible to get some sort of overview regarding the way ONLINE indices are created and used in neo4j? I am importing a large number of items (order of magnitude of millions) and I was wondering if in the long term it would be worth triggering t...
I am looking at the point data type and I can see that it uses x,y,z and longitude,latitude,height interchangeably so I was wondering what is the intention behind this. I can see from the documentation that the intention seems to be to discriminate b...
I have a directed Multigraph which is basically a number of directed graphs (of the same type), overlapped. There are quite a few queries in my use case that slice and dice this multigraph looking for shortest paths. In general, this works. But... th...
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