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Looks like the documentation for matching on multiple relationship types is out of date? Caused by: org.neo4j.ogm.exception.CypherException: Cypher execution fail...
It appears now with 4.0.0 Enterprise and Java 11 we can bind JMX to a particular address instead of broadcasting it to the world using these settings: # Remote JMX monitoring, uncomment and adjust the following lines as needed. Absolute paths to jmx....
With Bolt configured like this cypher-shell with Neo4j 4.0 seems to not like the self-signed certificates anymore: ./bin/cypher-shell --database system -u neo4j -p $secret --encryption true --debug org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.SecurityException: Faile...
Looks like memrec in Neo4j 4.0 is behaving a bit erratically with an empty database: ./bin/neo4j-admin memrec # Memory settings recommendation from neo4j-admin memrec: # # Assuming the system is dedicated to running Neo4j and has 3.646GiB of memory, ... We currently employ the neo4j-backup Maven dependency to orchestrate our Neo4j backups. Are there any plans to upload the 4.x-compatible packages? As a part of the upgrade we want to create 4....