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I've made releases of a new 0.26.1 version of the 'neo4j-spatial' library for both Neo4j 3.4 and Neo4j 3.5. This version includes a new GeometryEncoder for the native point type introduced in Neo4j 3.4. This means you can now create nodes with point ...
Description Neo4j 3.4 delivered some powerful new spatial and temporal features for modeling and querying graphs that include location and date-time elements. In this talk we will show you how these capabilities can be used to build web application w...
I do not see people asking this exact question, and yet I see a lot of questions that this would answer. Specifically, people with point data and location-based search use cases trying to use the spatial plugin, or trying to use a combination of the ...
Hi, I'm Craig. I've been using Neo4j since 2009 and joined the company as a software engineer in 2014. Currently, I'm the team lead for Cypher, but I also work on product design for Spatial (spatial features in Neo4j), and maintenance of the spatial ...
Neo4j 3.0 introduced the spatial point and distance functions in Cypher. Since Neo4j 3.4, spatial points can be stored as properties, indexed in the schema index, and queried at high performance using both range (and bounding box) as well as distance...
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