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User Activity apoc.algo.dijkstra(startNode, endNode, 'KNOWS|<WORKS_WITH|IS_MANAGER_OF>', 'distance') YIELD path, weight vs Chapter 3. Procedures & Functions apoc....
On this page, in the Cypher LOAD CSV alternative route (, the example given uses toInt , which is obsolete syntax and fails on 4.0. Also line 201 of the CSV file at
The developer guide for the .NET driver ( has an error, in the example code, it says: return result.Single()[0].As(); That should read: return result.Single()[0].As<string>(); The corresponding exampl...
Reported as an issue in the neo4j/neo4j-documentation repository on GitHub, by @LarsKumbier In the documentation is a small mistake: add play command as setting in neo4j.conf browser.post_connect_cmd=play <guide url or name> browser.post_connect_cm...
Hello! I'm part of the docs team at Neo4j, having joined the company in July 2017. I always enjoy talking to users about their experience in using our documentation, and exploring how we can make things better! I live and work in the leafy Wiltshire ...