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Is there a way to return a query result value while using a apoc.periodic.iterate statement? call apoc.periodic.iterate (' UNWIND $input as input WITH input MATCH (b:Node1) WHERE b.prop1 = input.prop1 AND substring(b.prop2,0,10) = "2021-09-08" W...
Hi, I am trying to do the following: Getting a unique list of a property (prop1) from Node1 based on certain conditions.Using this list to call an API. The API can accept a max of 500 values and so Step 1 has that restriction built in to get 500 per ...
I am trying to run this MATCH between 2 labels - 1 of which has ~7M nodes and the other ~500k nodes. The cypher query is as follows: MATCH (a:Node1) WHERE substring(a.LogEntryTime,0,10) = toString(date()-Duration({days:1}))[Processing: PROFILE for qu...
I am trying to get the top 10 values of a property P1 in node N1 for each property P2 in the same node N1. So far I have tried the following: match (n:N1) where n.P2 is not null with n.P2 as test, count(*) as times with collect ({P2:test,times:time...