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Hi, I want to do the following Match n:Node WHERE n.someprop = somevalue Match m:ANode WHERE ID(m)=21 Create relationship for all n nodes with m How can I achieve it with a single cypher? Is FOREACH is an effective way to do it? Or someother way is t...
Hi, The below error occurs frequently and cannot connect to neo4j Aura. But neo4j browser works fine, so its a problem with server down or connector? py2neo.errors.ServiceUnavailable: Cannot connect to any known routers conn = Graph("neo4j+s://.datab...
How much RAM and vCPUs are required in-order to run a system with 50000 nodes and 250,000 relationships? Is neo4j Aura free version can handle the above spec interms of scalability? Like at a time 1000 users are requesting a cypher query and system c...
I have a search query for a property which can be achieved by the following cypher query MATCH (n: USER) WHERE n.fullname CONTAINS 'q' RETURN n Say it matches 3 USER nodes and returns those 3 Then I want to see if there is a relationship with those n...
Hi geeks! This is Skanda Gurunathan R, Senior Software Engineer, AI/ML NextGen Labs, Prodapt Solutions Private Limited. Exploration vs Exploitation - I play with this trade off. I never stop learning and I never stop exploiting what I learned. I love...