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Hi everyone, i would like to ask if i convert (type cast)  a id property from String to Long (using a cypher like this MATCH (p:Product) SET p.quantity = toInteger(p.quantity); ) does it brake the corresponding relationships the id property is alread...
Hi everyone, i was trying to use neo4j-admin import for very bulk data import in a Neo4j Community edition database running in a standalone server. Finally after a lot of programming pain, frustration and effort i managed to make this tool work the r...
Hello,i am using Neo4j  Community Edition which runs as a standalone server in a Unix os. The server operates as a service which i can start, stop and find its status. From the documentation i learned that i can not use neo4j-admin import tool  becau...
Hello,i am trying to import huge volumes of nodes and relationships in a Neo4j community edition database. I am trying to achive it through a Python client application and transactions. However while i was batch inserting relationships through long r...
Hello,i am trying to import huge volumes of data in a community edition Neo4j graph database community edition that runs as a standalone server in linux. My approach is loading through Python Driver and transactions. However the python client applica...