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Hi, I am facing an issue while exporting data from neo4j to csv using apoc.export.csv.query when a property has float datatype the value after decimal places is changing but if I just download the output directly without using apoc its coming correct...
Hi, I am looking to find a way to get the position of the nodes in my path starting from 1 to n. For example, Below is one of the paths that I have `` > match p=(a:RM)-[r1:transport]->(b:RM)-[r2:transport]->(c:RM)-[r3:transport]->(d:WIPProduction)-[...
Hi All, Suppose I have this path in my graph, and want to return this path. I have written the below query but if I write this I am not getting the Capacity Node. I want to expand the node connected to the Production Node. match p=(:WIPCapacity)-[:...
Hi everyone, I have written a cypher query to calculate the sum of its next connected node, but for the lowest (last) node where there is no next connected node, how to make the below query work. match p=(a:RM)-[r1:transport]->(b:RM)-[r2:transport]->...
Hi all, I am facing an issue while writing the cypher query for below graph, here I have such paths for different months and many more such paths are there like 01-08-2021, 01-09-2021, 01-10-2021, 01-11-2021 and so on: I want to write a cypher query...
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