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Here is my problem: I want to look at varying sales each day of the month for April, May, and June, but I don't have any sales for some days in April. Why does Neo4j Backfill the values for May into April and June into May if there is no value for Ap...
I want to use data importer to import some data into an Enterprise Neo4j+s instance that contains many databases. The data importer sends the data to the home/default database called "neo4j" every time, and I want it to be sent to a different databas...
Hey all, We use enterprise edition with multiple databases in our neo4j instance. How can I specify which db I want Neo4j Data importer to send that data to? It looks like it always sends it to the default database. Or does it send it to the home dat...
If I wanted to perform a cumulative sum operation similar to that of: int x = 0; int i = 0; for ( i = 0; i = 10, i++) { x = x +5 } system.out.println(x); where I would get a returned value of 55. How would I perform this action in Neo4j using c...
Hey Neo peeps! I'm trying to create a shipment pace output that is cumulative (meaning the values add to the previous sum and the line chart should never go down) I'm attempting to do this by using the reduce() function (List functions - Neo4j Cypher...