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need to create node for all blank key properties but properties might add in near future query I am using: match (cus:Customer) where is null and con.add is null and is null with cus merge (c:child) with cus,c merge (c)-[:HAS_CONSUMER...
Need to check where condition properties ( = or = or u.add = lc.add) dynamically as the number properties will increase in future. lets say I want to accommodate another attribute status I need check that condition also  along ...
:param node_id : 'id' with $node_id as par match (u:User) where u[par] is not null with u,par with [par], [u[par]] ) AS output CALL apoc.merge.node( ["child"], output ) yield node return node   I want to make the above script run ...
:param prameter=> 'name'; with $prameter as parmatch (u:user) where con[par] is not null with u,parmerge (d:details {par:u[par]}) return d -- the above one is neo4j considering "merge (d:details {par" <- par as a property name but I want to pass name...
how to use apoc.periodic.iterate inside foreach in neo4j
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