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HiI am trying to insert multiple records in neo4jI have two types of nodesboth can have relation with itself and otherbut when i try to insert multiple records in one type its taking too long and cpu consumption also goes upto 150%can you please sugg...
I have this Query match p=(n:ASSET{uniqueID: "UNIQUE_ID"})<-[TRANSFORMS_INTO*]-()-[:HAS_EVENT]->() unwind nodes(p) as asset unwind relationships(p) as relationsp optional match p2=(asset)-[:HAS_EVENT]->(e:EVENT) unwind relationships(p2) as relationsp...
Hi team,I am getting this issue when i try to get all end nodes using query  match p=(n:ASSET {uniqueID:"some id"})-[m*]-() return pplease help me write a query where i get only those nodes that are either forward node or backward nodebut not the sib...
Hi I want to query on this data in Graph Neo4jI want to get all data till the end node having relation "TRANSFORMS_INTO", both forward and backward CASE 1if I query on NODE "D" then in forward I should get "G","E","H" but in backward I should only ge...