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without success I tried to convert a list to a constant (please see attached)I created the correct calculation  MATCH p=(n:Account{Account:'Acct 6100'})-[r:Driver]->(d:Department) return  apoc.coll.sum(collect(r.Driver)) as driverSumand retrieve tota...
I'm newbie to neo4j and I'm trying to asses of new4j can solve simple optimization use case.  in the use case there are  4 products with demand as a property and 4 supplier with a cost of crude oil as a property. each supplier has a different cost an...
I successfully ran a simple optimization query for a single project: ‘Project A’ and got 2 set of lists List 1: Employee label {Employee A, Employee B, Employee C} List 2: Relationship property Hours {50,60,10} My objective is to create relationship...
Newb to Neo4j, I was successfully able to leverage apoc.coll.avg , apoc.coll.min & apoc.coll.Max but I'm receiving an error when trying to use apoc.coll.runningTotal WITH apoc.coll.runningTotal([1,2,3,4,5]) AS d RETURN d Unknown function 'apoc.coll...
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