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I have this query : with [ {from:"53e997ccb7602d9701fbefd8", to:"53e9987db7602d97020b9083"}, {from:"53e997ccb7602d9701fbefd8",to:"53e99998b7602d97021dea70"}, {from:"53e997ccb7602d9701fbefec", to:"53e999e7b7602d970222ac55"} , // 120 entries in total ...
I have a graph and I would like to obtain the list of degrees (across the nodes). The following statement does the trick :    match (n:PROF)-[r]-() with n, count(r) as degree return degree   There's however, something I don't get in the logic. When ...
Hi,I'm trying to load a 5M nodes graph in the database. For different reasons I'm RAM constrained and can allocate only 4G to the database. I'm performing transactions in which I'm creating batches of 500 nodes.At the beginning I get a throughput of ...