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I have this query, which works to show me the appIds of all the nodes connected to a given node, organized by two "connectionTypes"But I would like it to return an empty array for each connectionType for which there are no nodes, instead of returning...
Let's say I have a graph with User nodes and Friendship nodes, and Users can have SENT_REQUEST and RECEIVED_REQUEST relationships to Friendship nodes. Users are connected to each other through Friendship nodes. Friendship nodes have a createdAt prope...
The docs for these two procedures are exactly the same except for the word "eager". What does "eager" mean in this context? How do these two procedures operate differently? When would I want to use one or the other?
I have a query that is returning more paths than it needs to because it will go from the start node to other nodes, then back through the start node again  Here are some of the paths it returns: 1-3  1-3-2  1-4 1-3-2-1-4  The last path is unnecessar...
I have a weighted graph and I'd like to know the most efficient way to return all the nodes connected to one node, sorted by the weakest link in the path it took to get to that node. (in my case the 'weights' would be signified by the name of the rel...
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