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Greetings, I have a number of Neo4j Parameters created in both AuraDB and Community 3.5.1... Is there a way to delete / remove a parameter? I've tried delete :param myNeo4jParam and remove :param myNeo4jParam, but neither works. Many Thanks!
Howdy, I have a cypher query inside a Node .post using call apoc.load.json($myNeo4jParam) yield value. When I run this query I get an error Neo4jError: Expected parameter(s): myNeo4jParam. So my apoc call is not using my Neo4j database :param myNeo4j...
I seem to be asking a lot of questions these days, thank you for your patience. I have web pages using Node & EJS displaying data via APIs and that content is displayed in either a Table or Form Input fields. Here's an example... I'm wondering if th...
Greetings, Using node.js and Express I have an input field name="tablenames" and I can pass this to my server using const {tablenames} = req.body and I can console.log and see an array of the expected table names... console.log(tablenames); [table1, ...
Greetings, I have 2 different arrays to Unwind. I'm trying to use the first Unwind and a Where clause to later establish what nodes will be set with the second Unwind data. Here are my arrays to unwind... datasourcefieldname = ['field1', 'field2','fi...
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