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I am running Neo4j Desktop (version 1.4.15)  on Windows 11.  I also have Anaconda installed on the same machine. I have performed "pip install graphdatascience" in Anaconda. When I run the following code from the Jupyter notebook: HOST = 'bolt://loca...
I am trying to use the following to load a CSV file from Databricks notebook: gds.run_cypher('LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///FileStore/sample.csv" AS row') The databricks and Neo4j servers are on different machine. I have no problem connecting a...
I see three popular python drivers: neo4j, neo2py, graphdatascience. Each one seem to do similar things. 1) What is a preferred long term direction?  2) I am a data scientist. I want to run many gds algorithms. Is there a guidance on what is one libr...
I am able to perform and save into a dataframe. I am also able to write a dataframe as a node or relationship from  Spark to Neo4j. I would like to create a pipeline where I can run most of the creation and deletion work from Spark (withou...
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