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Anybody a good idea to use apoc.path.extendconfig to filter the paths where first and last node is the same, Finding only circular paths? end node must be equal to the begin node in variable lenght path Or is unwinding the only solution?    
I have a query with APOC.PATH.EXPORT but I need to exclude recurring nodes. I do not directly see the option in the export function. Is my only option to use dependencies?  
I have a working Query which I'm want to export to CVS.   But when fitting the query in the APOC.EXPORT function it fails. Are there limits in what we can pass as query to APOC.Export? Working query; MATCH (n:Tank) CALL apoc.path.expandConfig(n, { r...
(new on graphs) What is the best strategy finding all paths but if node with name BXX_1 in in the path only paths with node BXX_2 are valid paths.  ( B13_1 then B13_2 needs to be in the path,..... ) The nodes are not neighbours. And which strategy ha...
Browser: Bloom/NeoDash: match (n:Tank {Name:'T0103'} ) match (m:Tank {Name:'T0805'} ) match path=allshortestpaths((n)-[r:CanTransfer*]->(m)) WHERE ALL(x in nodes(path) where x.Enabled = True ) return path   Why do I get a different result in NE4J b...
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