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since ‎07-28-2022

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I have the following Cypher query: MATCH (n)-[r]->(k) WHERE ANY(x in keys(n) WHERE round(apoc.text.levenshteinSimilarity( TRIM( REDUCE(mergedString = "", item in n[x] | mergedString + item + " ")), "syn"), 4) > 0.8) RETURN n, r, k How can I return t...
For example I am using the following Cypher code to build my initial graph: CREATE (forrestGump:Movie {title: 'Forrest Gump', released: 1994}) CREATE (robert:Person:Director {name: 'Robert Zemeckis', born: 1951}) CREATE (tom:Person:Actor {name: 'T...
I would like to enrich my knowledge graph with logs from different services. As an example, user A created a bucket or any other event in my system and I have the logs about it.Now that I have my cloud mapped using cartography, it is a live system th...
I am getting the following error when running docker compose but when I go to `bolt://localhost:7687` I do get the graph and all the labels and nodes.Dockerfile and Docker compose are attached. ERROR:neo4j:Unable to retrieve routing informationcartog...
  I am trying to build a blind search, given an expression/string. Using Python Neo4j driver I am running: from neo4j import GraphDatabase driver = GraphDatabase.driver("neo4j://localhost:7687") def query_engine(tx, query): res =