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I have larger amount of data in the following form :  The nodes tree of data in the form of class containing list of the other  for example :  Class site { string name; List<equipment> equipment; } Class equipment{ string name; List<Tags> tags; } ......
I want to write a query to get my chain of nodes  Loop HAS_TAG Tag  Tag HAS_ALARM Alarm Tag HAS_CABLE Cable  I want the 4 nodes in the same query   
My queries for "Tag" : one for inserting tag and some queries to retrieve them knowing that every tag has one type of alarm so i expected two possibilities :  make every tag has all alarms properties "Digital input" Tag properties like "state0" and "...
I am importing my csv data to Neo4j using data importer but i have an issue about modeling  In my model i have Entity called "Tag" , it has property called "IO_type""IO_type" has two values (Digital input and Analog input)Depending on the "IO_type" v...
I am trying to use data importer for uploading csv file , but when i click connect to my Neo4j desktop app it refuses connection and throws this exception :  Neo4jError WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, ...