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Hi, We have multiple neo4j servers like one is for dev, one is for qa, then staging and so on. I work on the dev server when I am done I copy paste the Cypher queries I used in dev to the qa Server once QA is done then I paste the Cypher queries in s...
Hi,  I have nodes on my neo4j, now I am trying to add a property to the existing nodes from a CSV file. I used the query load csv with headers from "file:///testfile.csv" as line FOREACH(ignoreMe IN CASE WHEN line.alpha is not null THEN [1] ELSE [] E...
Hi,   I have data like the above image, here my task is when I query the Starting node (here "A1", "B1", and "C1" are the the starting nodes for 3 different paths), I need to get all the path of the nodes. Like when I query "A1" I need to get "A1", ...
I have a data like below Here I am trying to merge all values of Alpha with all values of Beta. Example I want a relationship between a-z, a-y, a-x, a-w, a-v then b-z, b-y, b-x, b-w, b-v and so for the rest.  Can I achieve this using the queries? Th...
Image -1 Image -2 Image -3 With reference to the above 3 images, all the 3 images have the same query but in the first 2 images we have a match query commented and we are getting the output. The problem is in 3rd image, when I match both suggestio...