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Hi,A graph looks like this A-B-C-DA-EA-F-G (A being a common node)The nodes have a level property based on their position on the graph(A is lvl 1, B,E,F is lvl 2..etc). return the data present in a certain format 1st - return format is limited to 2 n...
Thanks a lot .. I had a follow up question what if we aren't sure about the max depth is there a way to do a foreach loop for the return statement or is that something we will have to brute force and find the max depth first before returning itTalkin...
A graph that has uneven depth i.e it might have 4 nodes in a path and 3 nodes in a path. It looks like thisEg:A-B-C-D and A-E-F (the relationships between them can be of different types and there can be multiple such paths from A but the limit will b...
Hi ,I am trying to add a dummy node between two nodes and copy the relationship type on its outgoing and incoming edges. My nodes have a lvl property and if a lvl 1 is directly connected to a lvl 3 I add a dummy node with lvl 2 in between. The relati...
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