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since ‎10-01-2020

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Hi Guys I am using springboot to interact with Neo4j. I want to set connection pool for getting better performance.. So does anyone know how to set the connection pool for neo4j from springboot
Hi Guys I am having property nodes of student like {studentId:"1", English:20} {studentId:"1", Maths:20} {studentId:"1", physics:20} I need to have final node like {studentId:"1",total:60} Is it possible using Trigger? Can anyone help on this situat...
Hi Guys.. I created this following trigger to create relationship between two nodes when ever another node is inserted "UNWIND apoc.trigger.nodesByLabel($assignedLabels, 'Mgr) AS node MATCH (s:Member { empId:node.baseId }),(d:Member { empI...
Hi guys I am new to this community as well as neo4j So actually the below is the question. Node A(Member) Node B(Member) Node C(Member sponsor) Now I need to make relation between A and B using the properties of C. It has to be work continu...