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Can anyone tell me how long I should roughly expect call apoc.meta.graph() to run on a graph with 500 million nodes and 1.5 billion relationships? I ran into the bug with call db.schema.visualize() and apoc.meta.graph() gave the correct answer before...
Hello everyone, I have a graph which includes a hierarchy of nuts regions, among others. This is the cypher which was used to create the hierarchical relationships between the different levels of regions: MATCH (n3:Nuts3) MATCH (n2:Nuts2 {code: left(...
Hello everyone, I would like to return a subgraph in edgelist form for a relationship (:CITES) linking nodes of the same label (Family) where nodes are filtered by several conditions. I have a query which mostly does what I want but seems somewhat in...
Dear neo4j community, I have two imports, the first of which ran super smoothly and the second of which started off slow and eventually got even slower so I stopped it. As I'm still pretty new to neo4j and the utilized cypher queries seem pretty simi...
Hi everyone, I'm struggling to efficiently import multiple types of nodes from a single CSV file. The setup is as follows: I have a file containing (unique) patent application IDs. The file also holds the associated patent family ID for each applica...