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Hello! Can I use symlinks for directory located in another partition that points to the default file locations of my Neo4j installation? It is because I want to locate most of my Neo4j installation in a partition with more storage. I am deploying neo...
Hi! I have created an apoc custom function in a Neo4j Community Server, but when I try to run the function I get this following error: I have reproduced the same function in Neo4j Desktop but it is working fine. So I would like to know why is this h...
When I open Bloom for a database, it creates a node called Bloom_Perspective containing the name of the perspective created in Bloom. Is this behavior normal?
Hi. I have Neo4j installed in my local machine, but I want to use Bloom Server on a remote GCP VM instance. The GCP VM instance is clean. I have read the docs related to Bloom deployment modes but I am not sure how to accomplish my case. I would real...
Hello! I use APOC for connecting to a database but I want to know if there is a way to "encrypt" or hide the password of the database connection located in apoc.conf.