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PART 1: [my previous post]( I created a python driver and ran those queries. In order to avoid having hundreds of subgraphs projected in the memory and exploding t...
I am using to calculate similarity between my nodes (aprox. 3 Millions), Node A is the main one, which all other node labels connect to. I'm using the following query for an anonymous graph: CALL{n...
I'm trying to associate two lists, in a one-to-one relationship. This query is returning the following: all objects in p are merged with only the first element of r. I need something like id1(n)-[:HAS_ID]-id2(n) MATCH p=(n:ID1) MATCH r=(o:ID2) WITH...
I'm using Pandas to write some values in a CSV file, and ingesting this CSV with the Neo4J Python driver. In order to speed up the project I'm working I setted a default value ("REPLACE_ME_PLEASE") using the Pandas fillna method to populate null valu...
There is a graph with multiple node labels (ip, device, url, etc) and a "main" node (main_id) which will always have a connection to the previous mentioned nodes (they are all directed from the main_id to the other nodes). (:ip)<-[:HAS_IP]-(:main_id)...