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Just checking in to see if the latest version of APOC's apoc.schema.assert() procedure is compatible with Neo4j's capability to index relationship properties. Thank you in advance.
I did the obligatory search for this topic and information was outdated. So this is a renewed request to determine if Neo4j natively runs on the Apple M1 chipset and more importantly Java/JDK.
System: MacBookPro 8-Core Intel Core i9 MacOS 11.5.2 Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.2 GDS Community 1.7 I am trying to start a Neo4j database from a graph projection named 'bakeryGraph'. I execute the call below and receive the expected response. CALL gds.alph...
System: MacBookPro: 11.5.2 Neo4j Enterprise: 4.3.2 GDS 1.7 Using a sample database from Neo4j's Node Classification Sample, and creating the graph projection, I decided to test a GDS 1.7 feature of querying that projection by creating a database from...
I have been using graph technology as Chief Data Scientist for approximately 5 years in both U.S. National Security and the Resort Casino verticals. I know, there is seemingly little intersection between them; but when thinking in terms of graphs, t...
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