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Hello, I am using AuraDB Professional and we have been using the monitoring metrics to monitor our db size. At a certain point last week, we were at 98% of storage usage on a 64gb usage with (~170milliion nodes) so we pushed up a code change to remo...
Hi, I am trying to delete all the relationships of a certain type from my database. At first it was working fine with the following code CALL apoc.periodic.iterate( 'MATCH ()-[r:REL]->() RETURN id(r) AS id', 'MATCH ()-[r:REL]->() WHERE id(r)=id DELE...
Hello, I am working on a relatively complex query in my social graph db (~millions of nodes). Part of the query determines all the nodes that are relevant to my query (typically <100 nodes). For example, match (u1:User {user_id: '1234'})-[:REL]-(u2:...
Hello, I am trying to optimize a query I have been working on but do not understand why cypher/neo4j profiler hits the database as much as it does. The query below tries to find all mutual contacts for a given user $user_id. 1st pass profile MATCH (...
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