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since ‎02-19-2020

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Kotlin 1.4.31 Spring Framework Boot 2.4.4 Desktop 4.2.4 also see GitHub - Wayne-P/graph: Kotlin Neo4j Graph Issue Possibly related to NullPointerException when persisting Kotlin data class · Issue #2141 · spring-projects/spring-data-neo4j · GitHub , ...
Hello one and all, in a departure from my normal form, the code here seems to work; but I am just looking for some counsel to perhaps add a little more elegance. kotlin 1.4.30 I lead an active life and...
So we are using Spring Boot 2.4.2 and a desktop project of 4.2.3 The application ... @SpringBootApplication @EnableNeo4jRepositories @Transactional class DemoApplication{ @Bean fun init (kennelRepository: KennelRepository, dogRepository:DogRe...
Greetings all, I seem to be having some difficulties with Spring Data Rest. Setup Spring Boot 2.2.5.RELEASE Kotlin 1.3.61 So as an example, I have an Orangutan NodeEntity @NodeEntity data class Orangutan constructor( @Id @GeneratedValue val id: L...
Greetings all, I wonder if any of you can assist me with a concern. I have been experimenting with Spring Data Neo4j for Kotlin over the past few days. Spring Boot version 2.2.4.RELEASE Kotlin version 1.3.61 Neo4j version 4.0.0 As an example, if I se...
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