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Node Clone
since ‎02-12-2020

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Hi, I wanted to know that whether data is stored at a single place and shared by both core servers and read replicas or like both servers contain whole data or if both stores some metadata and actual data is stored somewhere else?
I have a graph with lot of cycles in it. I want to find all nodes connected to a specific node by any length of path. I've tried this match (a{firstName:"XYZ"})-[ * ]-(b) return distinct b but i think this got stuck in a cycle. So, is their any way t...
i wanted to know that what changes occur on disk when we try to update label or property of a node
Is their any way to distribute large connected data across servers?
Hi, I wanted to know that is it possible to reduce the number of core servers required to acknowledge before committing a transaction. I know that we need N/2 +1 to acknowledge but can we increase or decrease this number?