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Greetings, I'm using Node.js, Express, & Neo4j. I have a form that passes parameters to the server and they are being passed, but 1 parameter is a single item and the other parameter contains multiple objects in an array. I'm trying to create all of ...
Greetings, Neo4j 3.5.6 Community I am trying to pin down the exact apoc syntax for producing array json using apoc I am having a very hard time even finding apoc documentation. Here is what I am trying, it does not work: CALL apoc.ex...
Greetings, Neo4j 3.5.6 Communitynodejs driver 4.3.0plugin: apoc- I am able to run Call apoc.export.json.query and have it produce a .json file. However, trying to get my nodejs app to read this Neo4j-generated .json file as it's for...
Howdy, I'm going to try asking this question a different way... Using strictly a cypher query or apoc procedure, I want to output a json file to be readable for a D3 Sankey display. My json file must contain zero-base numbering. I cannot use the exis...
Greetings, I originally posted questions about a 3.5.1 --> 4.0.0 upgrade here: Migrate data from 3.5.1 Community to 4.0.0 Community I am now trying to do the same thing in upgrading Community 3.5.6 to Community 4.2.7. I have set everything as suggest...