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Hi All, I have an epoch date with microsencods (1549641709667000).I want to convert that into date without timezone .As of now i am doing this . return datetime({epochMillis:1549641709667000/1000}) "2019-02-08T10:01:49.667000000[America/Chicago]" Is...
I was trying to give the Fine-grained permissions in enterprise version .So I have different databases for different purposes .How do I specify the bolt config to point to a different database instead of neo4j? [yz@hostname ~]$ env | grep NEO NEO4J_D...
Is there any way i can do replication from PostgesSQL to Neo4j just like other heterogeneous replication like Oracle ->SQL server or ORACLE -> PostgreSQL .It doesn't needs to be real time .It is ok to have some latency . Thank you in advance . sojan
Hi , I started exploring the possibility of neo4j in our domain and as of now we are using community version .I am from the RDBMS background and this below question comes up everytime when i run the CYPHER .Your help will be greatly appreciated .Belo...