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Hi I am using 4.0.X I hv installed neo4j as docker container, I am using it for last 1 year... but recently I hv a procedure where i need to call a neo4j create query evey 1 sec... and after that I am regular facing the below error.. Neo4jError: Fai...
I have a situation here i hv created MERGE (socketType)-[:SOCKET_OF_LEVEL]->(level) MERGE (socketType)-[:SOCKET_OF_POWER]->(maxPowerKW) Above A level can hv multiple socketTypes and each socketTypes can have a single or multiple maxPowerKW Now I did...
I have a relationship like following (country)<-[:REGION_OF]-(region)<-[:CITY_OF]-(city) AND (country)<-[:CITY_OF]-(city) Now i use the following query to get the all the city and country which have or does not have a relationship with country. (cou...
I am struggling with a query... I hv a simple query. I use Neo4j 4.0 MATCH (s:Station)-[:LOCATED_AT]->(l:Location) WHERE distance(l.coord, point({ latitude: $latitude}, longitude: $longitude}})) < $distanceInMeter please ignore any syntactical mista...
I have two labels Searchable and Unsearchable on one of my node... Right now I have only Searchable nodes... So wanted to get counts of Unsearchable and assume that I will get 0. So my query was optional match (c:Country) return count(c) as coun...