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Hi all, Since now Neo4j is back to using Log4J 2, on it version 5.x., does anyone have some idea or examples on how to setup and flush logs to Splunk via FluentBit? The question goes more onto using also the multiline parser (for the new logs) and al...
Hi everyone, i am currently using this query to mark all the nodes and relationships in my graph: CALL apoc.periodic.iterate( " cypher runtime=slotted MATCH (n)-[r]->(m) RETURN n, r, m ", " SET n.fullLoadDelete = ...
Hi, I have the following scenario: In all cases the returned path should be the one that is coloured. When the middle Service is as in Case 1, then the returned path should only consider the top and bottom level services and not the middle one. Is t...
Hi everyone, I have the following situation (as shown in the image below), where I have to return always the latest tagged Person node on the path while having to traverse an undefined number of hops in the HAS_PARENT relationship type. UseCase Anyon...
Hi everyone,I have a situation as follows: 60,000,000 nodes under the label Service from which I would like to create new nodes and relationships. I have the following query:     // Service CALL apoc.periodic.iterate( " MATCH (s:Service) RETURN ...