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I am using sdn rx beta04. When I create an object like this: @Node class Something { @Id @GeneratedValue public Long id; } right now Id is not being generated when i save. Additionally i would expect that if using a long & GeneratedValue it ...
Hello, I upgraded a working project from 1.0.0-beta04 to 1.0.0-rc01. Any idea why I'm getting this exception? org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name 'adCommands': Unsatisfied dependency express...
Are the depth fields going to be reintroduced to the Repository objects? i.e. Ojbect object, int depth) Or is there a newer, cooler way of facilitating this that I am not aware of?
A project that I am trying to port to SDN/RX made heavy use of inheritance fo certain objects and the previous version of Neo4j Spring Data happily turned all those classes into Labels. Now If I try to create a relationship to an abstract class or in...
Hello! Is there a way to do Database Selection via configuring the new SDN/RX spring driver? I cannot find a property to facilitate this. Presently the only way I can to perform database selection is to build a SessionConfig and pass that to the Driv...
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