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I have a query that matches a pattern with multiple relationships and node types. Within that pattern one relationship is of variable length and has a property which contains a list of values. How do I collect that list in my query. I'm trying - matc...
Say I have a graph (object0)-[:CONNECTS_TO]->(object1)-[:CONNECTS_TO]->(Object2)-..... I want a query that returns- ColumnA ColumnB NumberOfHopsAway *********** ********** *********************** Object0 Object 1 ...
I have data in a csv that looks like follows - As you can see it is a complex data structure something along the lines of - { { Object Name: P_ADS_BEX_COMMON.DM_OMNITURE_SITE { PRODUCT: Teradata INTERACTION_TYPE: Select INTERACTOR_USERNAME...
I'm using the following script to create nodes and relationships via the neo4j python driver- import pandas as pd from neo4j import GraphDatabase pd.set_option('display.max_colwidth', -1) # neo4j credentials uri= "bolt://localhost:7687" userName= "...
I have a graph that looks like this - It's the same type of node interacting with one another. (:DataSet)-[:INTERACTS_WITH*]->(:DataSet) I want to write a query that returns the starting nodes of the longest paths. so far I have - match p=(d:DataSe...
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