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Python Driver: 4.0.0 NEO4J Version: 4.0.5 Enterprise running in an AWS EC2 VM When I run this query: call{ MATCH (u:User {user_id:$owner_id}) OPTIONAL MATCH (u)-[:USER]-(mf:Image) with u, collect(mf.ver...
Using Neo4j 4.0.5 on Desktop or an Enterprise instance running in EC2: I had the following query in my ETL code that was loading my Graph Database from my old SQL database. There is an error in the query that I would have expected Cypher to return an...
NEO4j 4.0.5 in both Desktop and on a standalone Enterprise single instance in an EC2 VM. When I run the following query with the SKIP and LIMIT in them I get some duplicates on subsequent pages. (groups of 50). call{ MATCH (u:User {us...
I have been trying to get any Neo4j instance running in the cloud so I can work on my software. Today I finally got a Neo4j 4.0.5 Single instance running on AWS. It wasn't easy, and none of the instructions I could find were exactly correct (includin...
I have been working on converting my project from SQL to Neo4j and have gotten all my tests running and everything working on NEO4j Desktop on my local machine use 4.0.4, everything works fine. I have now been trying for several weeks to get it runni...
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