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I want to periodically backup my whole graph but I'm not on enterprise edition. I saw that neo4j-admin has the dump command which requires the database to stop. That's not really useful in my case because I need multiple backups a day and the applica...
I'm trying to write a query that takes four parameters which are all lists of ids and which should filter the results. I have nodes called KnowledgeEntry which have multiple KnowledgeRecords attached to them (:KnowledgeEntry)-[:CONTAINS]->(:Knowledge...
Hi, I can't tell what is wrong with my query. I have a node (KnowledgeEntry) that has an outgoing 'CONTAINS' relationship to multiple nodes of type KnowledgeRecord. The query is used to update a KnowledgeEntry and its Records. Firstly, I want to set ...
Hi, I'm trying to run a query and pass objects as parameters with the java bolt driver. try (Session session = driver.session()) { return session.writeTransaction(transaction ->, params).stream() ...
I'm working on a requirement for a corporate knowledge application. Users can create articles and we store the articles in a MongoDB where they get a unique ObjectID. Subsequently we store the article in our Neo4J database and create the needed relat...