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Node Clone
since ‎12-19-2019

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Hi everybody, I have this portion of a graph: And I performed several MATCH queries on it to obtain all the path from a starting node, and the associated cost. As an example, from the node name 'PU4': MATCH path = ({name:'PU4'})-[:SENSOR_MEASUREME...
Hello everybody, I have this simple graph: And I perform single source shortest path algorithm on it to obtain all the path cost, for all the nodes, from one node. I run this following query (starting from node 'T' for the example) : MATCH (n{na...
Hi everyone, For the following graph : I would like to get all the distinct oriented paths for a given node. For example, starting from x6, I would have 3 distinct paths : x6 -> x3 -> x2 -> x1 x6 -> x3 -> x2 -> x4 x6 -> x3 -> x2 -> x5 I have tr...
Hi all ! I try to run a closness centrality algorithm with the gds plug-in but I can't figure out how to make the query. I have understood that the query needs a node and relationship projection to be run. I have good results with this query for SYST...
Hi all ! I trying to visualize a java embedded graph in Neo4j community. There is my code to generate the new.db I want to visualize: /* * Licensed to Neo4j under one or more contributor * license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with *...