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since ‎12-17-2019

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Hi, I am trying to compare two nodes and the nodes connected to them. Here is my data sample. Each node has its own event time. I want to compare all nodes connected to them with same relation or attribute. Eg.. [A.eventtime - A1.eventtime] compare...
Hi, I am using neo4j to record the use time of each phase of a machine. The machine will have a fixed route and work to manufacture products in batches. E.g.. Require : 25 product 1 Recipe: LOC1 -> LOC2 -> LOC3 The machine will repeat manufacturing u...
Hi, all. I am trying to calculate the duration between two connected nodes and place it on the relationship This duration is calculated in seconds and is converted to an integer. E.g.. node: IDeventtime12020/2/10 10:00:0022020/2/10 10:00:1232020/2/...
Hi, I am trying to add an overlap relationship to my nodes. Each node has its own waferID, fromtime, totime,WORK. And in each WORK, there are small nodes to record the detail time of the job. I want to search for work nodes that overlap each other. T...
I want to find the max duration in different attribute. This is my data format. (:task{WAFERID, duration, FORMLOC, TOLOC}) WAFERIDdurationFROMLOCTOLOCA110L1L2A115L2L3A112L3L4B19L1L2B112L2L3B115L3L4C19L1L2C112L2L3C115L3L4 Each node records the work...
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