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I run Neo4j Desktop on a Windows Server. My databases are mostly of older version (4.02), however I have cloned them and upgraded some to (4.011). In any case, today I stupidly allowed the Neo4j Desktop to upgrade itself. Now I can no longer start mo...
Hi all, today's topic is about my attempt to extract as many short paths as possible. I am using a http connection via python. The database has a fixed amount of nodes (~50k) but massively many parallel edges. For that reason, I needed to index edge ...
Hi all, You can skip the setup and go straight to the problem, at the end there is my idea about the query I'd like. Background: I have been implementing Neo4j to store and access a large multigraph of a particular form: Nodes are relatively few (~30...
I have yet to understand how to profile Neo4j correctly, but I am attempting to apply best practices in writing queries. I am running into some performance problems. In my use case, I need to add ties between nodes that, for now, we can just identify...
I am a PhD student in Statistics, using Neo4j to store networked data that won't otherwise fit anywhere. Using Python and PyTorch. Interested in inference, ML and computation. I am still learning, and asking dumb questions 