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Hi all! I have a problem in which I have to filter a relationship r by a property, let's say r.weight > 7. It will mostly result in a graph with unconnected subgraphs. So, I would like to also connect these subgraphs in the match by some other criter...
Hi all, I came across a merge/group problem. I have to build a "supernode" from nodes sharing the same property. I've been trying to use apoc.refactor.mergeNodes to get the desired result with no luck. I need to merge the nodes but also to sum up the...
Hi all, I have a tree Neo4j structured with a specific type of relation. The leaves of this tree are connected with a relation of a different type(I know that because of that, it's not technically a tree anymore). I want to select some of those leave...
Hi all, I'm struggling for days on a strategy for bulk creation of relationships on existing nodes. I have a set of nodes already in Neo4j and an external base of relationships in a dict (or dataframe): {('A', 'B'): { 'sim1': 0.2943630213889271, ...
Hi all, I'm struggling with APOC text functions to filter nodes by matching a string with a slice of a string in nodes' attributes. In python, I can easily do that by treating strings as arrays: test = "a test string" 'test' == test[2:6] True How ca...