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Hi, I have a question about the configuration of Neo4jGraphql with multiple databases on 1 Neo4j database instance. I have a database instance with multiple databases on it and with this configuration, GraphQL only works on the default database (neo4...
I found neo4j and neo4j-driver on pip. They have the same instruction that install by issuing command: "pip install neo4j" But I can install both of them by using: pip install neo4jpip install neo4j-driver Which version should be used for Python?
Hi all, I have a question related to the subselection of mutation. Normally, the subselection is sin scalar type or defined Type on Schema. But in case I need a custom Type, how can I define a custom Subselection? For example my query is: MATCH (c:Co...
Hi all, I need to get all the schema that I push on Neo4j database, I'm using 'CALL graphql.schema()' but it doesn't fit my desire. This procedure just return all the Node and Relationship schema, and I need ENUM and MUTATION also. Are there any ways...
Hi all, I am wondering about the performance of the following string comparison in where clause: Case 1: MATCH (p: Person) WHERE NOT'Person 1' AND NOT'Person 2' RETURN p Case 2: MATCH (p: Person) WHERE NOT ('Person 1' OR p.nam...
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