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i am using database version 4.3.3, for the below query that involve a supernode. While finding path between user u1 and u3 a super node comes. On profiling i am not able to understand why query engine doesn't check for supernode. CREATE INDEX userna...
On a labelled node, can i compressed a particular attribute of nodes. One alternate i did was, store that particular attribute outside neo4j and reference id store on the node attribute (since this attribute not being used in filter criteria in searc...
How Neo4j search data if i search nodes with the label. If i use profile/explain the operator that shows was NodeByLabelScan. My specific question here is, does Neo4j maintain additional storage(or any special kind of indexed data) so that, while pro...
Could anyone please help me on selecting when to use explicit and implicit index. In the context of navigating only selective relationship to reach target node , does implicit index help. Example: (SourceNode) - [:LINK {name='a'}] -> (TargetNode) (So...
Could be out of my reach on correct documentations(on v4.0)..! please point out if any documents configuration: If we have multiple databases per instance, how do i control specific configuration (neo4j.conf) for a specific database? Scenario: multi...