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I tried queries using pure go beta driver 2(v1.8.0-beta02) released 7 days ago. I have created multiple databases but I don't find a way to select the database of my choice before running the query.
I want to store multiple independent trees(there is no relation between those trees). I think to generate and assign a unique label to every independent tree. Then every query will have a filter using those labels. So if there are 10,000 trees, I wou...
LOAD CSV reads row by row and one can do any kind of operation on that row. Is it possible to use more than one row at a time, for example, say I want to assign a relationship where every i'th row is a friend of (i-1)'th row? Or is it possible to sto...
I want to call apoc procedure from the golang driver. I can fire basic cypher queries from driver but while call apoc procedure it throws syntax error. panic: An error occurred getting result of exec command: messages.FailureMessage{Metadata:map[stri...
I want to store a Bill of materials(BOM) in the neo4j database from BOM currently stored using Golang. I have a CSV file with N rows. I wrote a code that will convert those N rows to N queries which will make N nodes in Neo4j. The N is very large so ...