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Dear sirs or madams, while loading plain dates with spring-data-neo4j formatted dates get converted into String while loading, please find below the code used for conversion, I was trying with a converter class and without following the the link: for...
Actually I am trying to convert String formats into dates and following format occur: "30-JUL-2009""31/12/2018""n" 2009-07-30 these Strings that are to be formatted as dates occur in a relationship as attributes. Trying to match them with a regular e...
Dear sirs or madams, I want to create a merge like statement which either merges a Relationships with an existing one or creates one if not existing, is there any way to do this without querying before? I want to create a MERGE statement programatica...
Dear sir or madam, The following issue is ocurring when for example renaming by the apoc procedure CALL apoc.refactor.rename.label('old','new'); The old labels still exists eventhough there is node of this label any longer. I actually do have the sam...
Dear community, dear Michael, I have managed to load the nodes with LOAD CSV. The issue that I am struggeling right now with is creation of the relationships accordingly. Is this a thing which is done quicker with Java due to the internal structure o...
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